What We Do:

Trace Asset Recovery LLC is a Florida Licensed Private Investigative Agency providing premier unclaimed property recovery services for businesses and individuals. Our company is fully licensed and registered with the Florida Department of Treasury Unclaimed Property Division. Our years of experience, expertise, and commitment to Florida residents has allowed us to focus on returning the money to the rightful owners, quickly and efficiently.  Verify us now:  Claimant's Representative Firms (Locators) Currently Registered (fltreasurehunt.gov)


Our Process

The process of asset recovery is often complex as the State of Florida requires proof of ownership or beneficiary entitlement, via appropriate legal sources of documentation. We have the tools and knowledge to effectively locate most legal owner(s) or heir(s)  regarding unclaimed assets, even assets unclaimed for over 20 years. Trace Asset Recovery LLC has researched millions of dollars belonging to Florida residents. Validation of potential claimants is essential to our success which is why we call you.  Verify us now:  Search for a Private Investigative, Security or Recovery Agency or School, Division of Licensing - FDACS (freshfromflorida.com)  


Contingency Fee Agreement

Trace Asset Recovery LLC works under a contingency agreement format, we will never require any fees upfront. When your claim is approved, the State will send the check directly to you. Our fee will be paid directly to us by the State from the recovered assets! Our commitment to you is in writing; you have nothing to lose by trying. If we do not recover your assets, you owe us nothing.